Temple of the Rose

The Temple of the Rose is a regular gathering, either monthly or bi monthly, in sacred circle, where I will share and teach various sacred feminine, womb awakening and sacred union teachings and practises from both my teachers and mentors- Leyolah Antara and the Fountain of Life, or from other sources, or personal practise.

It is a deep and rich space to regularly connect and awaken our womb and shakti power and wisdom. Over time, I will share a variety of teachings and embodied practises.

Focusing on just one or two practises per session, we will give ourselves this regular time and space to enter the feminine dimension and come back to ourselves, to our centre. To refill our own cups, and to deepen in our awakening, healing, opening and divine remembrance.

We enter the ancient lineage of the Rose, that stems back to Ancient Egypt and the Priestesses of Isis, and even beyond that, and has carried on throughout the ages- the red thread of this ancient feminine womb and shakti wisdom, of sacred inner alchemy and union, the original mystery school teachings, that has been kept alive by the lineage of the Rose.

The name? The Temple of the Rose

After being in a deep meditation with Mary Magdalene, I was lightly thinking about the name of these regular workshops that I had been envisioning holding. I had had various names running through my mind and even though I loved them, for some reason I could not settle on one.

At the very end of this meditation with Mary Magdalene, she gave me the name that I was to call them. It really could not have been clearer- ‘ The Temple of the Rose.’

Immediately I knew it was perfect and was grateful for her direction and guidance. And so the Temple of the Rose was born. 🙂

When? Happening regularly- check the upcoming events for info

Extra information:

Mary Magdalene, a guide known to many,  was a Priestess of Isis, the beloved and womb portal for Yeshua (the Aramaic name for Jesus). If she or this subjects interests you, please explore some of the articles written by the Fountain of Life.

From my own personal relationship with her as a guide over the past couple of years, and from tuning into her via the FOL Mary Magdalene vision quest course (highly recommended), I really feel this to be true. She is much more than what we have been ‘told’ by the Church. Her name Magdalene literally means ‘magic doorway. Her first name Mary, was actually a title that Priestesses had, Mary or Mari. She was an extremely high level Priestess of Isis.

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