Kundalini Dance

 andall Kundalini Dance: A shamanic – tantric dance journey through the Chakras.

7 week transformational journey through the chakras.

Learn ancient sacred feminine practices and ‘keys’ for healing, awakening and transformation.

Connecting with Kundalini Shakti- the evolutionary luminous force that resides within you!

We connect to Kundalini Shakti as the Sacred Feminine Goddess. As we awaken and dance with our Kundalini Shakti, she takes our bodies and souls on a journey of deep healing and release, entering higher states, ecstasy, and liberation.

We pray to the Sacred Femine, the Divine Mother, to come and light us up with her holy fire. To come and pulse through our bodies, cleanse us, purify us, help us to feel whatever we need to feel so we can shift the energy so we can grow, transform and lift our vibration.

We then opening to the flows of the Sacred Masculine, the flows of creation, to bring in the new story, the highest potential for that chakra, yourself and your life.

“The Sacred Feminine (Shakti) she clears out the old, the Sacred Masculine (Shiva), he brings in the new. This is the alchemy of the two.” ♥

We come together in a held, safe, sacred temple space, and enter a shamanic circle. Once we have started our 7 week journey, this group will be a closed group, allowing us to build our trust and group field, and go as deep as we are ready and willing to go.

We get out of our minds and into our bodies. We move, we dance, we shake, we explore using our sound to release and move our energy.

We journey through the chakra energy centres, one chakra per weekly session, through shamanic dance, using tantric practises and the Kundalini Dance keys.

In each session we will cover:

Grounding down into the Earth
Connecting to our Womb space (Women)/ Hara (Men)
Connecting our Womb/Hara to the cosmic womb of creation
Lighting the sacred fire in our Womb/Hara
Cultivating Kundalini Shakti energy and opening to her bliss fire.
Building and rising of this Shakti/ Sexual/Creative energy
Chakra activation
Shadow work/clearing and emotional release
Release of stagnant energy
Opening the heart, and opening to receive divine love.
Connecting to the gold, Source, Ra, the Sacred Masculine-God.
Opening to the flows of creation
Divine Tantric Union, the inner sacred marriage of Goddess-God, Shakti and Shiva within, and inside of the chakra- the ultimate chakra alchemy!
Bringing in the highest possibility for that chakra and ourselves/our lives.

Benefits of Kundalini Dance:

•Clear old emotions and blocked energy
•Learn how to become your OWN Shaman and Healer
•Activate your Chakra system
•Raise your vibration and activate your light body
•Let go and release stress
•Cut energy cords to people
•Take your power back
•Increased energy and vitality
•Let go of the old and bring in the new
•Remember your true power and true divine nature
•Activate your chakras and energy body.
•Ignite and build your inner Shakti Fire.
•Lift your energy to a natural high
•Bring in the highest vision for yourself and your life!

Embody the Divine.

“Sensually embody the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies within you, for transformation, healing and ecstatic celebration”

The dancing and movement itself, is natural and organic to you, and your unique flow.

The practices are fully guided, demonstrated and embodied by the facilitator.

Men/women/all gender identifications are welcome. 🙂

Suitable for all levels of experience. Beginners to energy or chakra work are welcome.

Investment: £140.
£105 Concessions.
Sliding scale may be available in genuine circumstances. Contact Amoriah to discuss.

Payment plan/installments available.

Advance booking required.
Contact: info@celestialfire.uk

**7 week course currently not running, please watch this space for one off workshops and for future courses **