From age 15, a keen interest and attraction to spirituality and metaphysical subjects was developing. Amoriah began studying Numerology, the I Ching, Wicca, the nature of the Goddess, and other subjects.

Her path as a healer began when she was 18, in 2001, and completed her Reiki Level 1 training. In 2004-2005 Amoriah completed her training in Esoteric Soul Healing with Kathy Jones, in Glastonbury UK and more studying and courses followed as she felt her calling to work within this field, with a deep desire to help others.

Her journey of learning the healing arts was a personal one to begin with. She understood and was aware that she herself had areas within her being requiring deep healing, and that to move forwards and to become all that she could be, would require her to delve into her psyche and wounding, and consciously begin the healing process. This journey, of study and self healing, naturally synchronised with her own unfolding path of spiritual awakening and transformation.

For over a decade, Amoriah gradually studied and explored different subjects that she felt drawn to, such as crystal healing, Ascended Masters, Angels, Shamanism, Star realms and teachers, and more. In around 2012 she found herself coming back full circle and remembering her connection to the Divine Mother, the Goddess, though it was more a case of the Divine Mother calling her back to her.  Amoriah began hearing her whispers, her song, calling her back to the Great Mother. ♥

Heeding her call, Amoriah began to remember, and connected with her deeply as Divine Mother Shakti.  The Goddess started to actively guide and steer her path- encouraging her to step out and share her gift and energies with the world- to step out and face her fears of ‘being seen’. The initiations and opportunities that she brought were both gentle and fierce.

At some point around this time, 2012-2013 Amoriah had a vision of women awakening their power within their womb space. She saw that women needed to awaken this power, this remembrance and that once they had, they would then naturally transmit this to others, from their wombs. This would support others to activate their own power, simply from this direct resonance, a natural transmission from their own activated and awakened womb power.

At this point she did not really understand or know how this would happen, however her path and heart led her to find her next and current teachers, and into the direction of womb awakening, womb activation, the feminine temple arts, sacred union, white tantra, and remembrance of our feminine power and the ancient feminine mysteries.

Amoriah is devoted to the Divine Feminine in all her forms, seeing her a universal Great Mother, the Feminine face of God, the Divine, of Source, known by many different faces and names all around the world.

She studies and works with the Goddess energies through the traditional tantric forms such as Saraswati, Parvati, Kali, Lakshmi, Durga, Lalita.

Deepening in her remembrance of her Egyptian connections, she currently tends to connect with the Goddess as Isis and Hathor- this being her lineage. In particular, she feels a deep resonance to Hathor- the ancient star Goddess who governs the feminine temple arts, dance, music, sacred union, sacred sexuality, sensuality, beauty, laughter and joy.

Having always been a natural sacred shakti dancer, and recently trained as a Kundalini Dance facilitator, plus her other sacred vocation being a DJ, makes this resonance very clear- she is a devoted Priestess of Hathor.  Committed to walking and embodying a path of love, beauty, awakening, wisdom, sensuality and being a priestess of the feminine arts music and dance.  ♥

Her other feminine guides are Quan Yin, whom she has worked with for many years prior, and more recently Tara, Mary Magdalene and Sekhmet.

Amoriah also connects deeply with the Goddess as Inanna and Astarte, names that feel so familiar to her…..

Another powerful ally and guide is the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess Pele. After a powerful personal connection with her, their relationship has been on-going and ever deepening, with powerful shakti and womb activations recently transmitted by Pele during meditations, and a powerful ‘baptism by Pele’ experience in December 2017.

Amoriah’s connection and path has deepened into a devotional and embodied path of service to the Divine Feminine, to be a vessel for her love, light, healing, awakening, shakti, compassion and wisdom.

To be a strong and clear vessel for these energies and the blessings of the Goddess, to pour out into the world as a sacred healing elixir, that will heal and soothe our world, all hearts,  and all beings. 

To be a flame of love and divine light in this world, to help illuminate the way for others. To hold space for remembrance, of our ancient awesome cosmic origins, power, wisdom, of our true nature.

An experienced and skilled Energy and Shamanic Healer for over almost a decade, Amoriah is a passionate and natural Kundalini Dance Facilitator and teacher of the feminine mysteries and wisdom. She is highly skilled at creating and holding a high vibrational sacred space for the group, and embodies Shakti with a gentleness, yet potent depth.

In service to the Great Mother, and Great Father, and to all beings in the world and universe.

May peace prevail throughout all time and space.

May all remember who they are, and the power and wisdom they hold within.

May there be balance and peace within the hearts of all beings, everywhere.


Reiki level 1 2001

Esoteric Soul Healing 2005

Reiki level 2 2006

Angelic Reiki Master 2008

Usui Reiki level 3 Master Teacher 2008

Crystal Healing (Hazel Raven qualification) 2009

Shamanic Practitioner Isle of Avalon Foundation 2011

Karuna Reiki William Lee Rand June 2012

Gaiadon Heart facilitator 1a, 1b, 2a

Kundalini Dance Facilitator 2015

Womb blessing and Womb Healing Miranda Grey method 2015

Fountain of Life mystery school Practitioner 2017

Crystal Sound Activation Practitioner Levels 1 and 2 April 2018
Alchemical Healing Level 1 April 2019
Alchemical Healing Level 2 November 2019