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Temple of the Rose

June 7 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm BST

The Temple of the Rose ?

Welcome to the Temple of the Rose. A space for you to hear the whispers of your ancient remembrance, of the feminine mysteries, magic and the ancient temples, that have lived on throughout time, through us, in our dna, and our wombs, hara’s.

A soft lunar feminine womb temple, to come and simply be yourself, to let go of the masculine doing, and to reconnect back with your sacred centre.

A space for you to reconnect with the feminine principle of divinity and this divine feminine force within you.

In the temple you are invited to come and allow yourselves to be held in the arms of the Divine Mother, to soften and let go, to open to receive her flows of love, nurturing, healing, recalibration, shakti.

To reconnect with your sacred centre, the holy of holies within your body- your Womb, or Hara (men). To return back to this place inside of you, this temple within your body that contains the very power of creation, and many keys of ancient wisdom and codes. Returning home, to your body, re-opening the connection and portal of the womb-heart field.

Through guided meditations, and sacred body or energy practises, we awaken and activate the sacred serpent shakti force within. Awakening your womb power. Gently stimulating and opening your energy channels, for the energy of the Goddess to flow freely within you, for your awakening, healing, remembrance, activation and divine embodiment.

The Temple of the Rose, is a temple to the Goddess, honouring her many faces and lineages of priestesses. We work in particular with the Rose Line, and many teachings that are said to come through the Priestesses of Isis lineage, from Ancient Egypt, later coming through Mary Magdalene, who is known to have been an initiate of what was known as the Cult of Isis. Both Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary were from this lineage, highly trained and skilled initiates in the feminine temple arts and tantric/sexual alchemy, high magical arts.

Jesus, also known as Yeshua is also believed to have been an a high initiate and also highly trained and skilled alchemical spiritual master, including in the tantric/sexual alchemy arts.

It was through true sacred union and sacred sexual alchemy, with Mary Magdalene, that Yeshua was able to achieve resurrection. Only though uniting with his beloved’s magdalene womb (Magdalene means magic door way), could he raise himself to the levels required to attain the spiritual feats that he did, and achieve the final and highest initiation of death and resurrection.

Yeshua and Magdalene are therefore important teachers who laid the foundation in true sacred union and sacred sexual alchemy. They were both high initiates in the Egyptian tantric arts and alchemy and it is from this Rose line that some of our practises that we will learn come from.

Our primary lineages of the Goddess are therefore Isis, Hathor (pre dates Isis, Hathor is the oldest ancient Mother Goddess of Egypt and Inanna (Sumerian and earlier).

However we honour the divine feminine in all her faces. Shakti, Shekinah, Sophia. ♥

Whilst we may work more in this space with the lunar feminine flows, we of course acknowledge, and honour, and work with the solar divine masculine rays too.

We learn and cultivate a state of Sacred Inner Union, remembering, re-connecting and merging the two divine forces of Masculine and Feminine, Solar and Lunar, Sun and Earth within us.

As we remake the inner connection and embodiment of Sacred Inner Union, we become whole, and unified. And through our remembrance, awakened energy, and wholeness, we help to lift those around us, and the whole world into a frequency of wholeness and inner union. Effortlessly transmitting these frequencies to them, so that they may also remember this state of being.

Temple Schedule

Smudging, anointing
Drop in to womb space and womb field.
Womb meditation
Introductions, intentions and sharing circle
Body prayer practise or guided meditation
Aramaic chants
Sharing circle


Date: Friday 7th June
Time: 6.30-9.30pm Arrive 6.15 for a 6.30pm start!

Exchange: £15 standard, £10 reduced, £5 concessions/low income/benefits. Pay which level you can afford. Please bring cash on the day.

Where: Om Studio’s, 1st Floor, 19 Greyhound Street, Nottingham. NG1 2DP

Bring a water bottle, journal and pen.

Hot drinks provided. We have cushions, mats and blankets. 🙂

Arrive early at 6.15 to allow time to settle in.

Men and Women, and all gender identifications are welcome in this space. ♥

Please email me to reserve your space- amoriah@celestialfire.uk


June 7
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Om Studio’s
19 Greyhound Street
Nottingham, England NG12DP United Kingdom
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