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Temple of Hathor

June 29 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm BST

A day devoted to the beautiful very ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor. 💕🌟

Facilitated by Amoriah.

This delightful ancient Mother Goddess from the stars is all about music, dance, creativity, sound, sensuality, beauty, sacred sexuality, pleasure, joy, love.

She is the ancient one, the cosmic mother of Egypt and the universe.

Her keywords are pleasure and joy. Related Chakras are the Sacral, Heart and Throat Chakra. I feel her to be a big opener of the heart and high heart. She assists us to open and expand our hearts, to hold more joy, and more love.

The deep joy we feel inside when we hear some music that we love, when we sing, or when we dance- that is Hathor. The sexual ecstasy or orgasmic pleasure we feel, this is Hathor!

To awaken, connect to and embody Hathor within us, we use sound, we sing, chant, dance. We open and soften our bodies to surrender to the flow of Shakti, allowing our bodies to awaken, our sensual bodies to open, and dance ourselves into bliss.

Hathor is the Goddess of joy and pleasure. She was honoured in her temples with celebrations and parties, with drumming , dancing, singing, wine drinking, laughter, merriment.

Hathor is a very old deity. I feel her to be an ancient Mother Goddess of Egypt, who was then later reincarnated in a sense, into the Goddess Isis. Hathor was then seen as the Goddess of the feminine arts, of music, dance, enjoyment, beauty, sensuality, sacred sexuality, joy, love. She is indeed the Goddess of these pleasures, and our creative expressions and joys, however she is also a very ancient Mother Star Goddess and offers this extra depth of connection to her if you seek it.

Her other aspect is the fiery lioness Goddess Sekhmet.

As with all my workshops of this nature, we will be working with the Goddess energies and awakening our wombs and Shakti energy, as the Goddess within us. All will be explained, guided and demonstrated where required. Beginners are welcome.

✿ Temple Schedule ✿

Opening meditation, womb meditation, igniting the holy fire within, womb and heart, awakening the flame of love, open sacred space

Sharing circle, introductions and intention setting

Introducing Hathor-who she is and her story.


2 hr Hathor embodiment dance and heart alchemy (Kundalini Dance):
Awakening Shakti, stirring and building our sensual energy, opening our sensual liquid bodies.
Activating the Sacral chakra, and clearing the pathway to the heart. Embodying Hathor also in her fiery aspect as Sekhmet at our Solar Plexus.
This will be a free movement dance, with guided shakti and chakra activation practises.

Lunch 1 hr

Chants/songs- opening the voice to the joy of Hathor/ or other practise- tbc

Guided journey Meditation


Closing celebration/ceremony

Final sharing circle

11.00am-6.00pm (arrival 10.45am)
At Om Studios

£40 standard
£25 concessions/low wage/benefits

Please book through the Eventbrite link- https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/temple-of-hathor-tickets-57615217667

Advance booking only.

This workshop is only open to women/those who identify as a women at this time.


June 29
11:00 am - 6:00 pm