Energy Healing


Reiki literally means ‘universal life energy’. Reiki is the vital life force energy which flows through all living things and which can be activated for the purpose of healing. It strengthens your own ‘Ki’ energy. It stimulates the bodies own natural self healing ability and facilitates deep relaxation and peace.

Angelic Healing: Aderium

Aderium is pure angelic light, love and healing It is a powerful clearing , high vibrational energy which will shift and clear any lower energies out, raising your own energy field to a higher vibration.

Womb Healing/Awakening session. Usually 1 .5 -2hr  £35-40

A session tailored to you, combining guided meditation, energy practise, energy clearing and womb healing session. Please note the womb healing is through my own direct link to the Goddess healing rays, not through the Miranda Gray method.


Shakti Divine Feminine Healing 

Working directly with the divine feminine. Provides deep healing whilst being held and supported in the energies of the divine mother.


Crystal Healing 

A personalised Crystal Healing session using gemstones. A variety of Crystal Healing treatments are available including the popular Chakra Balancing treatment.


Crystal Sound Activation 1-1.5 hours £35-40

A potent session combining crystals and special sacred sound instruments working with the energy field and body. It clears, rebalancing, lifts your vibration and the key word is-it activates!


All standard energy work sessions are 1 hr appointments, with around 30 minutes treatment time. £25