Channeled message from the ancient Priestesses of the Isis Goddess lineage. 13/12/2017

Dear Ones

We are they, you know us well, we are the ancient mothers, we are the priestesses of the flame, of water, of earth, of sky and sea. We are the priestess of the stars and moon. We are SHE. We are the Priestesses of Isis. Auset Auset Auset. Isa Isa Isa.

Sun, moon and stars shine down on you, you contain all light and knowledge, all ancient codes and wisdom within your womb.

Come now lay your head in the lap of the mother and ask her for a transmission. She will gift you all that you ask, just lay your head in her lap and be held dear child of creation.

We are she. We hold the red thread throughout time. We are she and we are he. Ra, Osiris, Horus and Anubis, he is our lover, our beloved, our other.

We transmit the old sacred secret teachings to you, of sacred union, of the two. That become one, you know how it is done, the alchemy, the ecstasy within and without.

Ma and Ra entwined as one, the moon merging with the sun. We hold the secrets of these, ask us to help you remember your own wisdom seeds. We are here to guide you and help you remember and awaken. Our gift of shakti is yours for the taking.

We are the ancient mothers of the rose. Remember us. Remember the path you chose, long ago.

Ancient one, we sing your soul song to you, to call you back to us.

Dear Sister, daughter of Isis, be still and hear her inside your womb, inside your heart, inside your soul. She whispers to you, singing you the song of home.

Home is your throne. Take it, wise woman of the moon, take your throne, and help others find their way back home to Mother, to the way it used to be. You remember how it was, the passion, love and unity. We will stand to the end of time, to bring back the way of love to humanity again.

We thank you for all that you do, this goes out to all the other people who will read this too.

We are watching, we are the mistresses of Isis. She lives through us, she speaks through us. Open to receive our transmission, it is our gift to you.

Remember dear ones, remember all that you once knew, when the world was a very different place, full of light, wonder and magic. Where peace prevails.

This place, already exists in another dimension, it is all there waiting, for us to shift into it.

May you be blessed on your journey, we bless you. Isis and Ra bless you, all who are reading this, this is a message to you.

Blessings, from the stars, sun and moon.

Remember the way of the illuminated womb.

Image credit Daniel B Holeman.